all hail

Just some links and minor commentary today.

Michelle Malkin’s syndicated column on Obama’s very creepy compulsory national service programs:
To GIVE and to SERVE: the $6 billion National Service boondoggle

Three traitorous assholes (OK, two traitorous assholes and one Mexican anti_American sleazebag) slam Immigration and Customs Enforcement for…yes, for doing their job. Geraldo I can understand, because, well,  he’s just a creep. Always has been, always will be. But that’s the speaker of the house taking up with Juan Hernandez. How is this not treason on the part of Pelosi? Absolutely disgraceful.
Also from Michelle Malkin (actually, just go there and read everything she’s posted today, all good…):
Guess who else thinks ICE agents are unpatriotic?

Is is all over for card check? From
Manufacturers Applaud Senator Specter for Opposing Card Check Legislation

From American Thinker:
What kind of president thrives on chaos?

Morning Bell: ‘Investing’ Our Way to the Poor House

Gordon Gekko is a Democrat

Finally, Geithner strikes again. From
Geithner misses lifeline, sinks dollar