First, the chart. Yes, that chart..

The Obama Deficit

The Obama Deficit

In case you just got off a slow boat from china, the gray graph on the left represent the Bush deficit from 2000 – 2008. The pink bars on the right represent the Obama deficit from ’09 to ’19, while the red bard represent the Congressional Budget Office’s projections for the same time period.

In 2008, the Bush deficit was just over $400 billion, and the left was absolutely rabid in their attacks on Bush for his ‘out of control spending’. Yet, Barack Obama has quadrupled the deficit in just a few short months, to the tune if 1.85 TRILLION dollars, and the left is somehow fine with it.

Well, I’m not, and neither should you be.

Obama’s deficit does include the failed (as of this writing) Stimulus and TARP programs but does not include healthcare reform, estimated to add at minimum another trillion dollars to the federal budget over the next ten years.

The misuse of TARP funds alone should have every single one of us demanding the discontinuation of the TARP program; both it and the equally failed stimulus program can still be stopped.

In an article at, Senator Mike Johanns of Nebraska has this to say about TARP:

TARP has become a license for government to experiment with private business. How do you think the original TARP vote would have gone back in September if members knew then what they know now? Remember, TARP was first presented as a toxic asset purchasing program to revive financial markets and to get credit flowing to consumers. That is what Congress approved. That’s all Congress approved. Then it became a blank check for failing banks; and the struggling insurance giant AIG; and the floundering housing market.

Despite a December vote by Congress that rejected a bailout of the auto industry, TARP is now being used to bankroll the auto industry. How could anyone have predicted that an original plan to buy up toxic assets would be warped and twisted into the revolving slush fund it is today? People would have looked at me in disbelief if I had said – just a few months ago – that TARP funds would be used to buy General Motors. All this is happening without Congressional approval.

Or, how about this from Judicial Watch:

A few months ago TARP Inspector General Neil Barofsky published a scathing report revealing that the financial bailout has little oversight, is severely mismanaged and “inherently vulnerable to fraud, waste and abuse.” That preliminary probe led to at least 20 criminal investigations—for securities fraud, tax law violations and mortgage modification fraud—and Barofsky predicted the risk would only grow.

Now the Obama Administration is blocking Barofsky, a former federal prosecutor in New York, from further investigating what he has determined to be a troubling experiment of U.S. tax dollars. The president’s Treasury Secretary delayed at least one recent inquiry and has evidently determined that the agency (Treasury Department) Barofsky is charged with watching has legal authority over his office, which clearly threatens its independence.

The most transparent administration ever.

This president is a disgrace; his reckless fiscal policies will – by incompetence or by design, you make the call – bring our country to a state of ruin that we may never be able to undo.

People are waking up though. Congress is choking on the real-life costs and implications of this insane healthcare reform scam that O is trying to shove down our throats in that Obama Rush we all know so well. People are pissed and senators and congressmen alike are starting to see their job security slipping away. More encouraging though, just today I spoke with a staunch Obama supporter who now acknowledges and understands – at least to a degree – what this administration’s real agenda is. Two major factors in this person’s ‘awakening’, aside from the obvious problems of the deficit, rapidly rising unemployment, ACORN, and Obama’s brazen doubletalk on practically every single issue he confronts, were

  1. a burgeoning knowledge of the cloward-piven strategy which, when overlaid on this administration’s actions to date and stated goals, pulls back the curtain like nothing else, and
  2. this simple speech by Ronald Reagan, which I’ll post again now because it’s -just- -that- -good- and applies to the current situation perfectly. Perfectly.

Also today, Obama’s Rasmussen approval numbers dipped into negative territory for the first time ever.

Obama Approval Index Goes Negative For The First Time

Obama Approval Index Goes Negative For The First Time

While this hardly makes Obama toxic, the more negatives he can generate – and he will generate the negatives because he simply can’t hide who he really is from the masses for very much longer – the less chance he will have of ramming destructive policy after destructive policy through, and the less chance he will have of imposing his radical socialist agenda on, and thereby destroying,  the greatest country in the world.

God bless America, and save us from this president.