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Crowd Of Whites Surrounds Black Man In Florida

Courtesy Hot Air:



It’s Time To Start Dropping These Scumbags Where They Stand

Obama and the Holder justice department have given the clear signal to the left that violence against conservatives by this administration’s core constituencies will be neither investigated nor prosecuted.

The left is getting bolder with each passing day. How about instead of standing there and saying ‘please don’t hit me‘, we start offering the kind of response they’ll understand.

Am I advocating violence?

I am advocating self defense. If that means the use of force to stop these animals from attacking us, then so be it.



St Louis Tea Party Goes On The Offensive Against Disgraceful NAACP

By now, everyone’s heard about the NAACP resolution against the Tea Party, calling it ‘racist’ (of course), and a comfortable place for extremist groups to hang their hats. NAACP Senior VP for Advocacy Hilary O. Shelton even went so far as to say during an appearance on Fox this evening that tea party is associated with the nazi party.

OK, so obviously this Shelton guy is just another in a long line of lying, black radical leftists, but still, there are people out there who take what this creep says to heart.

I’m not surprised. Disgusted? Yes. Offended? Yes. But, not the least bit surprised considering the lengths the left, with all its various race-hustling factions, has since day one gone all out in their attempts to portray the tea party as something evil, racist, and anti-American.

Anybody with an IQ above single digits knows the claims of the NAACP and their ilk against the tea party are, without exception, outrageously false, but as the saying goes, a lie will travel halfway around the world before the truth even gets its boots on. Hell, we have a sitting president whose entire career and post-election ‘achievements’ have been based on that premise.

The left lies. It’s what they do. The lie is the single biggest tool in the liberal leftist’s bag of tricks, bigger even than that old standby, ridicule. As the November midterms approach, we can expect to see the liberal lie/propaganda/race-baiting machine ratchet things up to never-before-seen levels in order to discredit its opponents – the tea party being the one it fears and despises most.

It starts today with the NAACP resolution, which passed just an hour or so ago.

Says NAACP President Ben Jealous, the Tea Party movement needs to “be responsible members of this democracy and make sure they don’t tolerate bigots or bigotry among their members.

This coming from the man and organization who has been dead silent on the issue of Shabazz the Clown‘s diatribe about killing ‘cracker’ babies and their mothers, or the New Black Panther party’s voter intimidation act in Philadelphia (of which the aforementioned Shabazz the Clown was a participant), or the legions of black ‘leaders’ like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson ( jr and sr ), Louis Farrakhan, Henry Gates, Rev Wright, etc…who routinely attack and lie about all things white in the most hateful and despicable ways imaginable, or a leader of the NAACP’s very own St Loius chapter calling a fellow black man who was beaten down and called a ‘nigger’ by SEIU dirtbags an ‘uncle tom’ for being a conservative, befriending white people, and for “being kissed on the forehead by a european“.

Hey Ben Jealous, why don’t you do something truly noteworthy and condemn the racism inherent not only in the the New Black Panther party, but in your very own organization you lying, hypocritical, racist sack of shit?

But, I digress…this was, after all, supposed to be about the Saint Louis Tea Party’s preemptive strike at the NAACP, so here it is:

St. Louis Tea Party Resolution Regarding NAACP