So James Carville famously says back in 2009 that Democrats would rule for another 40 years.

That was last year, and here we are.

Why? Simple. King Zero, Pelosi, Reid, and the progressive/socialist/Marxist factions within the halls of congress grossly misread what they perceived to be their ‘mandate’, and then when it should have become obvious to them that they were losing the American people in droves, at the precise moment a sane and responsible leadership would have slammed on the brakes, they forged ahead with massively, massively unpopular and in some cases, ie; healthcare, flat-out unconstitutional legislation anyway. Right up our asses, and didn’t even kiss us.

Add to that the flagrant in-your-face cockiness, arrogance and straight up nastiness displayed by the liberal media, by scum of the earth blogs like the kos, and by hate-filled, invective-spewing ‘everyday’ liberals – you know, like the legions ‘one nation’ rally attendees who can shout every single DNC and Media Matters talking point at 103 decibels but who don’t have, nor care to have, the requisite knowledge to articulate their positions or speak intelligently about the very subjects they’re whining about. They’ll call us terrorists but can’t explain why there’s a picture of Che Guevara on their shirt. They call us violent but can’t point to or cite a single incidence of conservative-incited violence, while we have a seemingly endless supply of video depicting leftist-instigated violence. They call us racist, but then call black conservatives “uncle Toms”, “house niggers” and ‘race traitors’

These people are shallow, arrogant, obnoxious, greedy and stupid. They lie just as easily and naturally as drawing a breath. And for the last two years, they’ve completely given up trying to hide it.

Obama told them to ‘get in their faces’, and they did. And now, John Boehner will be the new speaker of the house, presiding over a 239-seat (not counting the races not yet decided) Republican majority. We have 10 new Republican governorships, we’ve picked up approximately 680 state legislature seats, flipping somewhere in the neighborhood of nineteen chambers in the process. My state, North Carolina, has its first Republican legislature in 130 years.

The liberal left is going ballistic. Ballistic. The whining and lashing out among the rank-and-file is pathetic, but not at all unexpected. It just makes me chuckle.

So, to my liberal friends I say this: You’ve had your shot, you’ve shown us all who you really are in no uncertain terms, and now you’re done. MY America will never, ever put your kind back in power again, and you have no one to blame but yourselves, your man-child president, and your blind ideology..

And – bestowing upon you the same level of courtesy and respect you’ve shown us these past couple of years -  I hope you fucking choke on it.