A married couple, Federico Freire, 27, a Marine currently home on leave from Afghanistan, and his wife Kaylin, out for what they hoped would be a pleasant evening at the movies, was viciously attacked by a group of up to 60 black ‘youths’ for having the audacity to ask a small group of teen girls to please quiet down in the theater.

Predictably, the girls went nuts, hurling profanities, etc… back at the Freires.

Kaylin Freire then went and notified the theater’s management of the situation, whereupon the management removed the girls from the theater.

Shortly thereafter, the Freires, their evening now ruined, decided to leave. What they found upon exiting the theater was that the group of girls was laying in wait for them, now accompanied by a large group of their homies.

From the Bradenton Herald:

MANATEE — A Marine and his wife were attacked outside a movie theater Christmas night after asking a group of teens to be quiet during a movie, according to Manatee County Sheriff’s Office reports.

The attack escalated into an affray attracting approximately 300 bystanders.

As a result, four teens and an adult were placed under arrest, according to reports.

Federico Freire, 27, who is on leave from Afghanistan, went to the movies at the Carmike Royal Palm 20, 5125 26th St. E., to see “Little Fockers” with his wife, Kayln.

Freire said a group of about 20 teens were being obnoxious and loud during the movie.

When they were asked to be quiet, some of teens began swearing. Kayln Freire went to find a manager and the youths were asked to leave.

The couple left shortly after.

“We were just so aggravated. We thought, ‘Forget this, we’re out of here,’ ” Federico Freire told the Herald.

Theater management asked more of the teens to leave and when they refused, deputies were called.

As the couple exited the theater just before 10 p.m., Kayln Freire was surrounded by about 15 girls who appeared like they were going to attack her, Federico Freire said.

A witness told Freire that he had a firearm in his vehicle and offered to escort the couple to safety.

Federico Freire said he told his wife to go with the witness to get her out of harm’s way.

Seven males then surrounded Federico Freire and began to kick and punch him, according to the sheriff’s office report; he was struck across the left side of his face.

“I got back up to defend myself and they started running everywhere,” he said.

A crowd of about 100 people began to form.

When Freire looked to his wife, he said he saw a young male with his shirt off punch her in the face, knocking her out.

Freire said he went after the youth and the witness brandished his gun, telling the crowd to step back.

Deputies arrived shortly thereafter.

As deputies were investigating, the manager of the theater asked anyone without a ticket to leave.

When a deputy asked 16-year-old Ishmael Dunbar to leave several times, the teenager refused and struck the deputy, according to the sheriff’s office.

At one point, Destiny McNeil, 20, a relative of Dunbar, attempted to intervene in the arrest and was arrested herself, the release said.

She was charged with resisting arrest without violence and was released from Manatee County jail Sunday on a $750 bond.

Reginald Gardner, 17, also hit the same deputy in the arm and resisted arrest after he was asked to leave the area. Gardner was stunned in the chest with a Taser by a deputy.

Both Gardner and Dunbar were charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

The names of 15-year-old twin brothers who were charged with misdemeanor battery for striking the couple were not released. Details of misdemeanor arrests for juveniles are not public record under Florida law.

Near the end of the incident, there were about 300 people milling around, according to authorities.

All available deputies were asked to come to the theater to help restore order, the release said. The manager then shut down the location.

A manager at the theater said thousands of dollars in refunds were given to patrons.

Normally, one to two off-duty law enforcement officers from state agencies are hired to work security on weekends. On Christmas night, no one was available, according to theater management.

No one was seriously injured.

“I’m fine. My wife’s face is all swollen up. She’s got cuts in the inside of her mouth. I was able to defend myself pretty good because of my training, but I was more worried about her,” Freire said.

A couple of videos were posted by the couple on YouTube showing police presence after the incident.

Freire, who is based at Camp Pendleton, Calif., leaves this week. He said after this incident, he has spent the remainder of his time at home with family.

“I’ve lived in this town. I know how trashy it can be,” he said, reflecting on the incident.

He is considering filing a lawsuit against the theater for not providing adequate security, as well as against the teens involved.

The events according to victim Kaylin Freire, whose account is supported by witnesses, taken from the comments of this Bradenton Herald article:

“It was def a riot and very sad. It was my husband and I at the movies. Our first night together without the kids in a long time.

These girls would not be quiet and after nicely asking them to be quiet, we got cussed at. I then had to ask the manager to remove them.

As my husband and I left, about 10 black girls surrounded us. All under age. They kept asking me to hit them and I said no. Then 6 black males hit my husband from behind and ran. None of them had the balls to go face to face with him, they just ran. Then Charlottes husband said he had a firearm and to follow him, as the black cloud defended on us. Literally about 60 of them.

A black boy took off his shirt and started walking towards my husband and I had seen enough. I walked up to the boy and put my hands up and said “stop it, just stop” before I knew it he punched me in the face and knocked me unconscious and I was on the ground. Apparently (of course) he hit and run due to him being a coward. My husband ran after him and the crowd then come towards me. Charlottes husband pulled out the gun to get them away from me.

About half an hour later, the boys mother showed up being just as trashy as he was, yelling and screaming. Then the cops started getting attacked. They held their own though and had dogs and tazered many people. And that is how it happened.

I am Kalyn Freire. My husband is Federico Freire in case anyone wonders….this is the truth of how it all happened. Not what the paper put up. Happy New year to everyone.”

Here’s additional testimony, taken from this Bradenton Herald article, from commenter “Charlotte10″, who was a witness to the attack. Charlotte10′s husband was the man with the firearm who managed to hold back the attackers – in all probability saving the Freire’s lives in the process – and is the ‘witness” described in her account:

The witness and I arrived at the theater at the moment this fight began. I went inside to escape the chaos and he stayed outside. The crowd consisted of black males and females and the married couple that was attacked was a white couple. The husband is a Marine and was home for Christmas from Afghanistan. Since BH believes in being so politically correct, I feel this should be brought to light.

There were roughly 60 members in the crowd that were attacking this white couple, to clarify – when we were there. After we left, I am not sure how many were there, but I wouldn’t doubt that more showed up. This gives you an idea of how many people were taunting and going after this white couple.

The husband was struck by several of the black teenage males and as the couple tried to get to their car and leave, the wife was struck in the face by another one of the black males, right in front of the witness. Let me say that only a coward would strike an innocent woman. The witness was there to assist her; thankfully he had his firearm with him that evening.

We left after statements were given and before the black juveniles turned against the police. This scene was appalling and a tragedy to what has become our society. We are both disgusted with what happened and consider it a HATE crime – that is the only way to describe it. I will say we were very impressed with how the police handled the situation, but disturbed that this theater did not have an officer already there for security as they normally do, especially on Christmas.

So there you have it.

Imagine this situation had been reversed – a large gang of white people attacking a lone black couple. This would be national headline news, if not international. But, since it’s only white people that are the victims, what the hell, bury the story. Nothing to see here

This is insanity



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