You know, I really don’t want to dwell on this subject, but with each passing day it just seems to get more and more blatant – the media, in their ever-expanding quest to replace truth and accuracy in reporting with political correctness, just cannot bring themselves to report on the racial makeup of individuals, or groups of individuals, involved in crimes.

Case in point: Mayfair Mall, located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, had a situation this past Sunday (1/2/2011) in which somewhere between 100 and 200 ‘youths’ stormed the mall, ransacked at least one store (mannequins and clothing racks thrown around in the Boston Store), fired guns outside the mall, and generally terrorized mall employees and customers before finally being brought under control by mall security and police.

During the melee, several stores closed their security gates, trapping customers inside.

Once secured, the mall closed early.

If you were to read this story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online, you would have no idea who these ‘youths’ were. In neither of the two stories (Mayfair Mall closes early after tumult and Mayfair considering changes after teens storm mall) published about this incident was the race of the perpetrators mentioned. However, this picture pretty much confirms what you might already suspect:

'Youths' shut down Milwaukee shopping mall

'Youths' shut down Milwaukee area shopping mall

From the first Journal Sentinel story:

Sisters-in-law Kathy and Debbie Bellini were shopping when they heard at least one shot outside the mall.

“It kind of scared me,” said Kathy Bellini as she stood at a bus stop at the north end of the mall with Abercrombie & Fitch shopping bags.

Rubina Shafi was shopping at Boston Store with her mother, and while she was in a dressing room, a group of teens became unruly.

When Shafi, who was visiting from New York, tried to leave the mall through the Boston Store doors, she discovered she was locked in.

Shafi said a Boston Store clerk told her that the incident occurred after a girl was accused of retail theft and the fracas spilled over into Boston Store.

“Her friends followed her and the security guard into the store, screaming, barking, yelling, and knocking over racks and displays. We were invited to stay and continue shopping,” Shafi said in an e-mail. “But we decided to leave through the exit where police guards surrounded the building. The salespeople who stuck around were immensely professional and comforting as well.”

Journal Sentinel commenter macita18 had this to say:

One of my family members runs a store in Mayfair and they were present for the events yesterday. They are trying to get out of the lease since thugs like this are causing the decline of business and many workers do not feel safe coming to or leaving work. The mall has been getting worse over the past few years.

Mall security? It’s a joke. I’m 27 years old and was carded a few months ago. I hardly look under 18. Meanwhile, there was a bunch of wanna be gangsters walking by cussing up a storm, pushing each other into paying customers, and frankly, just there to create problems, not shop. Did any security approach them to tell them to knock it off? Of course not.

I would hope this would be a wake up call to Mayfair to enact some changes.

We as a society will never be able to fix anything, anything, until such time as we can stop pretending things aren’t what they really are. We start facing our problems with honesty, resolve and courage, or we keep right on down this path to our ultimate social destruction.