Once Again, The Liberal Left Are The Smartest People In The Room

Sarah Palin at a Tea Party event in Reno, Nevada yesterday (10/18/2010), tells the crowd not to “party like it’s 1773″ just yet regarding the anticipated republican gains in the upcoming mid-term elections.

What happens next is almost too predictable.

The left, displaying for one and all its collective grasp of American history and the founding years, has a friggin’ orgasm over this percieved ‘gaffe’.

There are quite a few more, but these two go straight to the top of the list by virtue of who they are and the supposed ‘enlightened’ populus and political/social ideologies they claim to represent.

But here’s the best part : The more these people talk, the more snide, uninformed comments, mischaracterizations and flat-out lies they throw out against people such as Sarah Palin who are clearly their intellectual and moral superiors – not to mention just plain right – the more thoroughly repellent they and their positions become to this great nation’s formerly apolitical population.

They can’t hide it anymore.

So please, Gwen and Markos, keep on talking and being who you are, because you’re swelling our ranks by the day.



Michele Bachmann’s “MARCH ON THE CAPITOL” on Thursday Nov. 5th at Noon

Join Michele Bachmann this Thursday (11.5.09) at 12PM in Washington D.C.

Date: Thursday, November 5, 2009
Time: 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: Capitol Building
Street: 100 Constitution Ave NE, Washington, DC


From a request by Rep Bachmnn last Thursday on Hannity, this thing has taken on a life of its own. I won’t venture a guess on what the turnout will be, but I can tell you that practically every conservatoive website I visit has people arranging for busses, caravans, etc… It’s going to be big.

Rep. Bachmann released the following statement on her website:

“The American people spoke loud and clear at town hall meetings all across the country throughout August.  But, it would appear that Congress didn’t hear a word they had to say.  The Democrats’ latest health care proposal unveiled late last week may be packaged a little differently, but it’s the same old bad bill as before.

“This bill is a trillion-dollar, budget-busting, government takeover of our health care system.  It will put bureaucrats between people and their health care.  It will lead to rationed care, hurting the most vulnerable amongst us first.  It will break the bank, leaving our children to pay the bill with diminished freedoms and dwindling prosperity.

“The American people need to stand up again and make sure that Congress hears them this time.  Speaker Pelosi is putting her bill on fast track to a vote – and it remains to be seen if the House will even get a chance to vote on the commonsense Republican alternatives.  The people need to make a House Call on Washington this week and tell their Representatives to vote no to a government take-over of one-fifth of our economy.  This is gangster government at its worst.

“I urge all Americans to come to Washington this Thursday.  Come and meet up with your Representative and tell them that you want to control your health care.”

Also from her website:

“You see, the Democrats are playing a game of bait and switch when they talk about the costs of this legislation. For instance, they say that costs will be kept under the arbitrary $900 billion cap that President Obama has requested. Well, they’ll stay under the cap simply by expanding Medicaid eligibility. In other words, they’ll be shifting the costs off one set of taxpayer-funded books to another set of taxpayer-funded books.  And, don’t forget: we just had to bail out those states in large part because their Medicaid budgets were bleeding them dry!

Social Security is broke, Medicare is broke, Medicaid is broke – and all of them were created with the best intentions. But we have to face reality. Our deficit is at an all-time high. Our debt is nearing $12 TRILLION with no signs of slowing. We’re on a crash course for financial ruin. This isn’t conjecture, it’s basic economics.” [emphasis mine -Cnation]

Why this matters (from the AP)

WASHINGTON – The health care bill headed for a vote in the House this week costs $1.2 trillion or more over a decade, according to numerous Democratic officials and figures contained in an analysis by congressional budget experts, far higher than the $900 billion cited by President Barack Obama as a price tag for his reform plan.

While the Congressional Budget Office has put the cost of expanding coverage in the legislation at roughly $1 trillion, Democrats added billions more on higher spending for public health, a reinsurance program to hold down retiree health costs, payments for preventive services and more.

Many of the additions are designed to improve benefits or ease access to coverage in government programs. The officials who provided overall cost estimates did so on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to discuss them.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has referred repeatedly to the bill’s net cost of $894 billion over a decade for coverage.

Thomas Lifson at American Thinker writes:

An aroused citizenry is much harder for legislators to ignore when the citizens turn out for face-to-face interaction. This was the great lesson of Town Hall August. Having citizens come to DC for lobbying was a brilliant move on Bachman’s part, and demonstrates the difference between old-line pols, and the new breed of conservative that the era demands.

As expected, the left is already attacking Bachmann, ‘teabaggers’, and the ‘right wing fringe’. I won’t dignify these morons with a link, but it’s coming from the usual sources. As always, we won’t let these attacks distract us from the mission at hand, which is to stop this intentional, systematic decimation of the private sector, takeover of the healthcare industry, and ultimate destruction of our economy.

Sadly, the far left is beyond salvation and – although they need to be watched carefully – they need to be fully disregarded in terms of being an obstacle to our goals.

Always remember, we’re the normal ones.


If you can’t make it:

Call and/or FAX your Congressman/woman, and Senators. Contact info here

Tea Party Patriots has a target phone/fax list for Operation Housecall. (h/t Michelle Malkin)

Here is a list of Blue Dog (fiscally conservative) Democrats who should be called as well


Finally, here is the video of Rep Michelle Bachmann last Thursday on Hannity in which she first calls for and lays out the reasons for this meeting at the Capital. These are the words and passion of a true American patriot. She’s right on target here, and will leave you with no question as to why the left fears her so.

Hannity’s comments have been edited out in the interest of time. Unedited version here:





Obama Visits San Francisco, Greeted With TEA Party

Barack Obama stopped over in San Fransisco yesterday evening and was greeted by several hundred protesters.

In San Fransisco.

I’m floored.

And encouraged.

The City Square has the whole story.


Photo courtesy city square



Rev C.L. Bryant’s 9/12 DC Speech

“We dont get our freedoms from democrats
We dont get our freedoms from republicans
We dont get our freedoms from presidents
We are empowered and our rights are endowed
by our creator, which is above”


Video of the Reverend C.L. Bryant from Louisiana delivering what many, myself included, to be the most powerful speech of the day. Simply put, the guy was amazing. If you don’t get goosebumps while watching this video, you don’t have blood running through your veins.




The No Credibility Zone

O’Reilly once again shows why his credibility with long-time conservative viewers is sliding.

On this evening’s show, during a discussion between O’Reilly, Tammy Bruce and Mike Gallagher on the recent conservative victories over Obama and his cronies (Van Jones, ACORN, etc…), Gallagher mentioned the presence of a million protesters at the Capitol on 9/12. O’Reilly, citing the since-discredited fire department number of 75,000, went out of his way to ‘correct’ Gallagher.

Alright, look….although the general consensus is that Gallagher’s number is high in terms of the number in attendance at any one time, the lowball 75,000 figure, widely attributed to the DC fire department, has been shown to be false almost since it was first put forth on the afternoon of the 12th.

So, where did the 75,000 number come from? According to Politifact (via pajamasmedia):

Pete Piringer, public affairs officer for the D.C. Fire and Emergency Department, said the local government no longer provides official crowd estimates because they can become politicized. But the day of the rally, Piringer unofficially told one reporter that he thought between 60,000 and 75,000 people had shown up.

“It was in no way an official estimate,” he said.

We asked Piringer whether there were enough protesters to fill the National Mall, as depicted in the photograph.

“It was an impressive crowd,” he said. But after marching down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol, the crowd “only filled the Capitol grounds, maybe up to Third Street,” he said.

In the days since and through a number of different estimation methods, the number of attendees present at any one time seems to be settling in somewhere between 250,000 and 350,000, with total attendance somewhere north, to far north, to very far north of 400,000, to “damn, there were a lot of freakin’ people there!“.

Rather than re-do the work of others, both pajamas media and political gumbo have taken their own in-depth looks at the numbers.

Conservative Nation subscribe to the ‘full back to third street’ estimate, including Pennsylvania and Maryland Aves, that when compared against park service crowd size estimation methods (see chart at the top of this page) gives us approximately 250,000 at the capitol. Unlike O’Reilly, I was there and can say with absolute confidence that this number can safely be used as an absolute lower bound.

Considering the degree of pride he seems to take in his show’s investigative prowess, there’s no way O’Reilly can be unaware that the number he continues to cite are off by at least a factor of four.

Conservative Nation has no interest in continuing to hammer these attendance numbers, but as long as O’Reilly persists in his attempts, however subtle, to minimize the TEA Party movement, we will continue to call him out on it.



Pictures from the 9/12/2009 Taxpayer March On Washington, DC

Hey Barry, can you hear us now?

Hey Barry, can you hear us now?

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Glenn Beck’s Racist White Rally?

When did this become Glenn Beck’s rally?

Is it because the far left, apparently unaccustomed to taking to the streets without first receiving a telephone call with direct marching orders (and in recent incidences, a call followed by a paycheck) from OFA, ACORN, HCAN, their unions or the like, still can’t come to terms with the fact that normal everyday Americans have the ability, means and desire to act of their own free will? Is the only way they can make sense of it to point to some perceived enemy of theirs and say “he’s the one who’s making them do it”, as though Beck is some sort of conservative pied piper? Frankly, I think it’s amazing how much power and influence they ascribe to a man who they roundly consider to be little more than a buffoon in clown shoes.

Or – and this is where my money lies – is it simply another pathetically weak attempt to marginalize a growing movement that’s making them increasingly uneasy?

Not that a single member of the far left will listen, but here it is for the record – we’re not here because Glenn Beck told us to be here, you mental midgets, we’re here because we want and need to be. We’re here because the far left of the democrat party has given us no choice but to be here. If Glenn Beck didn’t exist, we’d still be here, just as active, vocal, determined and committed.

We didn’t join him, he joined us.

And let’s be really honest for a second – you’ll never openly admit it, but deep down you really do know it’s not about Beck.

On calling it a “racist white movement”:

It’s a shame – and I mean that with sincerity and a great deal of sadness -  that such a large percentage of black Americans have been programmed to believe by their so-called ‘leaders’ like Jackson, Sharpton, the radical churches, and even (especially) ‘do-gooders’ like Ted Kennedy – quite possibly the single greatest enemy that black America has ever had – that they aren’t good enough or smart enough to be self-sufficient, and that the only way up and out for them is through entitlement programs, welfare, affirmative action, and now, socialized medicine and the idea that everyone’s entitled not just to equal opportunity, but equal outcome as well. 45 years of this unconscionable lie and the democratic policies it embraces has led to the massive decimation of the black community that we see today.

It is no surprise then that we don’t see more black faces at the rallies. There are some…I wish there were more. Three of the most popular speakers at the DC rally were black – Lloyd marcus (OK, not a speaker per se, but his re-lyricizing of New York, New Yorky, schlocky as it was, got the crowd going), the Rev C.L. Bryant (whose speech was probably the most passionate and motivating of the day and whom the crowd went -nuts- for. Video as soon as I can find one), and Angela McGlowan, who spoke of the damage black politicians and ‘leaders’ are doing do race relations in our country.

Those who call us racists are being either willfully ignorant, blatantly dishonest, or both about what’s going on here. They lash out because they have nothing else; the facts are against them, and to engage in a substantive argument would expose them as the vicious, spineless racist bigots they themselves truly are.

The far left wants you to believe that black Americans are excluded from our events, that we simply don’t want them there. The fact is, nothing can be further from the truth. If you take an honest look at who spends an inordinate amount of time separating people out by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual proclivities, etc..and I mean an honest look, you’ll quickly come to realize how hypocritical and completely full of shit the left has been and continues to be on this issue. The left has a vested interest in keeping the people of this nation divided – that’s what gives them their power – , and throwing the race/gender/ethnicity/ card out there at every opportunity continues to be one of their most effective methods of perpetuating that division.

As I’ve written here before, we welcome everyone:

Posted April 13th, 2009 at 2:57 pm

I’ve been reading about how the left is starting to play the race card with regards to the tea party protests cropping up all across America. Michelle Malkin reports on how sensationalist race baiter Geraldo Rivera commented on how he’s “never seen any people of color” at the tea parties.

To those who choose to believe Geraldo and those like him, I ask you to consider just one simple thing – who, specifically, is telling “people of color” that they’re not welcome at these protests? If you’re honest with yourself with the answer, you may just start to realize how you are being played by the race hustlers.

Here’s a fact: ALL Americans are welcome at these tea party protests, as well as to any other organized or disorganized gatherings we may have in the future.

Unlike the left, we do not care what race, creed or color our fellow Americans are. We do not need to ’stock’ our protests with ringers in order to play or pander to any particular demographic. We are protesting because we care about the future of America for ALL Americans, not just for some little select group.

Unlike the left, we are honest about who we are, what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it.

Don’t let the race hustlers like Geraldo and Acorn con you on this one – this isn’t a ‘white’ thing, it’s an ‘everyone’ thing. The current level, direction, and sheer wastefulness of government spending is an outrage that should be shared by all Americans. And believe me, when the bill comes due for the current administration’s wild, reckless spending spree, every last one of us, whether black, white, Christian, Muslim, conservative, liberal, etc… will be asked forced to ante up.

Please, come join us. We’d love to have you.

The black men, women and children at yesterday’s rally were, to us, just men, women, and children. They were not ‘African-Americans”, they were not ‘black Americans’, they were just Americans, and I was honored to stand with them.





Hotair: CNN to Gibbs: Does Obama think tea partiers are racist?

Scared Liberals in Attack Mode

I just posted the following at some far left blog after finding, for the umpteenth time this morning, yet another venom-filled attack on the people who attended the 9/12 rally in DC yesterday by some far-left whackjob. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with these people. They’re even trying to claim that pictures of yesterdays event in DC were faked.


Amazing, the amount of…I dunno, trying to be polite here so won’t call it nutjobbery…let’s call it ‘distorted perception’ one can stumble upon by a simple google search for ‘DC crowd estimates’. Seems there are a lot of nervous liberals out there today posting feverishly in an attempt to discredit the very real, very organic movement against the Obama administration’s radical policies and ‘drunken sailor’ spending.

Yes, we know Bush was bad too, but this administration was the proverbial straw.

Try as you may to make this about protecting the rich, about Palin/McCain, about hate and racism (which is the left’s stock-in-trade, not ours), it’s not working.

The speakers at the DC rally yesterday included Rev C.L. Bryant, Mason Weaver, Deneen Borelli and Lloyd Marcus. Look them up, and try to resist the urge to call then “uncle toms”, “sellouts”, or “oreos”.

Instead, try calling them Americans. Like we do.

Whoops, almost forgot. here is a shot of some right wing racist hatemongers clamoring to shake the hand of the aforementioned Mr. Weaver:

9/12 Rally Attendees Greet Mason Weaver

9/12 Rally Attendees Greet Mason Weaver




Kenneth Gladney

American Thinker is fast becoming my favorite site. Their pool of writers and bloggers are among the best I’ve read, and their approach is no-holds-barred and very direct. I highly recommend everyone give them a try and add them to your daily reading list.

From American Thinker: Kenneth Gladney: 21st century Crispus Attucks
President Barack Obama, a black American, is the hand of a powerful government attempting to coerce Americans into accepting health care legislation. He is fond of comparing himself favorably to predecessors like Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Yet he combines the worst aspects of their successors: The ignorance of Andrew Johnson with the dictatorial instincts of Lyndon Johnson.

In the last few days, the Obama Administration publicly encouraged citizens to turn on one another and report opponents of health care legislation directly to the White House. The president himself damns his enumerated powers when saying of the legislative process he “doesn’t want to hear any talking” about his intentions, and demands that citizens and legislators who differ with him to “get out of the way.” President Obama is unable or unwilling to grasp that the United States is not a direct democracy, and that his election in November was not a unilateral grant of all-encompassing power. more…..



Cap and Trade – The Next Day

Dealing With The “Aye” Votes

Today, I’m heading down to an impromptu protest at the office of Congressman Bob Etheridge here in Raleigh. Etheridge was one of North Carolina’s six Democrat ‘Aye’ votes on cap and trade; why his office is being singled out is unclear to me, but it doesn’t matter. Neither does the probability that nobody will be in the office, or that the turnout will be light. This is a rallying point for us, and that’s all that concerns me on this particular day.Every step, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction, and even if only a handful of us show up, that is a handful more saying to these sons of bitches that we will not take their total disregard for the wishes of their constituents for one more second.

I know the psychology here, and that is that they think we’ll eventually go away. Well, here’s a news flash for all the congressmen, senators, presidential staffers and even the precedent himself:

We aren’t going anywhere. You are.

All day yesterday and into today, stories were pouring in via talk radio, the internet and television about people calling their congressmen/women and not being able to get through because the lines were jammed, or of people whose congressmen/women told them point-blank (via staffers manning the phones) that although the calls they had been receiving were overwhelmingly against cap and trade, they were voting in favor of it anyway.

How’s that for representative government?

Make no mistake, a large, large number of our representatives have gone rogue and are no longer even pretending to represent the wishes and concerns of their constituents. It;s all about the deal and the payoff – what’s in it for them, who owes what to whom, and – this has been coming out over the last couple of days – who has their money invested in ‘renewable energy’.

From Glenn Beck:

Concentrate on things that are important, like those who are pushing this energy bill stand to gain the most from it:

• Nancy Pelosi has $50,000 to $100,000 in Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

• Rep. Edward Markey — hmm, why does that name sound familiar? — has investments between $51,000 and $115,000 in the Firsthand Technology Value Fund (which as three solar-energy manufacturers)

• Al Gore — Mr. “Inconvenient Truth” himself — his venture capital firm is heavily invested in a new software company that’s making software to help companies track their carbon footprint. He, and companies like his, will make a fortune.

Not only will this bill make politicians rich, it will increase their power as well.

This is a government out of control. This is government stealing from its people. This is a government that, unless stopped, will continue to attack our liberties, our freedoms, our free enterprise system, our very way of life until our American greatness and exceptionalism – you know, the two things that Obama has been traveling the world apologising for – are destroyed.

The future of our country is in our hands. We DO have the power to stop this – they haven’t taken that away from us yet – but we need to commit to action. If there’s a tea party event you can attend today, next weekend, whenever, then go. Stay informed and engaged. Cap and Trade goes to the Senate next, and it’s never too early to start letting your senators know where you stand and how you expect them to vote. Healthcare and immigration reform amnesty are next, and God only knows what else is coming down the pike. The point is, be ready.

Anyway, before I get off track, here are the North Carolina Democrats who voted against cap and trade. I’ve personally called both their offices and thanked them:

Here is the complete roll call vote

Here’s Congressman Mark Kirk pretending to read the bill

Another couple of great posts at Michelle Malkin’s site today. Remember to let the 8 “Cap and Tax” republicans know what their vote meant to you.

Michelle Malkin: The 8 cap-and-tax Republicans…and the 44 Democrats who voted no

Michelle Malkin: Tea Party Watch: Protesting the cap-and-tax cramdown