In a “Classic Display Of Tolerance” ®, an avowed far left wing democrat made a death threat against Trent Humphries, leader of the Tucson Tea Party, during a taping of an ABC “town hall’ event hosted by Christianne Amanpour.

The avowed left wing democrat in question is none other than Eric Fuller, one of the victims of Jared Loughner’s shooting rampage last weekend that left six dead and 13 injured.

Before you even think of giving me shit for describing Fuller as I have, understand that while I’m sorry he was shot, being a victim does not give him the right to spread malicious lies and then follow them up with death threats. Furthermore, what has been uncovered about Fuller’s life and activities prior to last week’s shooting support the assertion that he is, in fact, an avowed member of the far left.

But first, the story:

PHOENIX — One of the Arizona shooting victims was arrested Saturday and then taken for a psychiatric evaluation after authorities said he took a picture of a tea party leader at televised town hall meeting and yelled: “you’re dead.”

James Eric Fuller, 63, objected to something Trent Humphries said during the forum taped for a special edition of ABC’s “This Week” with Christiane Amanpour, Pima County sheriff’s spokesman Jason Ogan said. Fuller was in the front row and apparently became upset when Humphries suggested that any conversations about gun control should be delayed until all the dead were buried, KGUN-TV in Tucson reported.

Fuller was arrested on misdemeanor disorderly conduct and threat charges, Ogan said. While Fuller was being escorted out, deputies decided he needed a mental health evaluation and he was taken to a hospital, where he remained Saturday evening.

The hospital will determine when he will be released, Ogan said.

According to State representative Terri Proud, who was at the event seated between Fuller and Humphries:

Trent Humphries, the Pima County tea party leader, stood up to speak during the event. He was being very respectful. Trent told the audience that before we start placing blame on individuals we need to get all the facts. Trent then told everyone that one of those killed during the shooting was his neighbor and that he was affected like everyone else by the tragedy… While Trent was speaking- And it was planned that he would speak- One member in the audience and reportedly one of the victims of the tragedy started screaming, “Trent Humphries you’re dead!” The police immediately escorted him out. On his way out he screamed, “You’re all whores.

Predictably, the left are already coming out in support of fuller. Commenter “Orange County California” wrote

Eric Fuller suffered enough already.  The police should drop the charges.  Tucson tea bagger Trent Humphries needs to get a life.  He already caused enough suffering.  I would have done the same if I was Eric Fuller.

Of course you would have, Orange County. That’s the whole point. This is what the left does. They are stupid, immature, and incapable of controlling their emotions.

I don’t know where this is headed….actually, that’s not true, I have a very good idea where this is headed – but it’s Obvious that Obama’s campaign stop Tucson memorial speech the other day has done nothing to slow down the smear campaign on conservatives coming from the insane left.

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O’Reilly Gets One Right

Those who read this site back when it was being updated on a more regular basis know we here at Conservative Nation are no great fans of Bill O’Reilly ( see
O’Reilly: “Communism is not a threat to us anymore” and
The No Credibility Zone ) , but every now and then he manages to put aside his frustratingly disingenuous ‘moderate’ facade and just tell it like it is.

Last night was one of those times.

Here’s O’Reilly’s talking points memo from yesterday (Tuesday 1/4/2011). This is the O’Reilly of old, and I’m posting it here because it deserves to be seen.

Welcome back, Bill, here’s hoping you stick around for a while.



They Did It To Themselves

So James Carville famously says back in 2009 that Democrats would rule for another 40 years.

That was last year, and here we are.

Why? Simple. King Zero, Pelosi, Reid, and the progressive/socialist/Marxist factions within the halls of congress grossly misread what they perceived to be their ‘mandate’, and then when it should have become obvious to them that they were losing the American people in droves, at the precise moment a sane and responsible leadership would have slammed on the brakes, they forged ahead with massively, massively unpopular and in some cases, ie; healthcare, flat-out unconstitutional legislation anyway. Right up our asses, and didn’t even kiss us.

Add to that the flagrant in-your-face cockiness, arrogance and straight up nastiness displayed by the liberal media, by scum of the earth blogs like the kos, and by hate-filled, invective-spewing ‘everyday’ liberals – you know, like the legions ‘one nation’ rally attendees who can shout every single DNC and Media Matters talking point at 103 decibels but who don’t have, nor care to have, the requisite knowledge to articulate their positions or speak intelligently about the very subjects they’re whining about. They’ll call us terrorists but can’t explain why there’s a picture of Che Guevara on their shirt. They call us violent but can’t point to or cite a single incidence of conservative-incited violence, while we have a seemingly endless supply of video depicting leftist-instigated violence. They call us racist, but then call black conservatives “uncle Toms”, “house niggers” and ‘race traitors’

These people are shallow, arrogant, obnoxious, greedy and stupid. They lie just as easily and naturally as drawing a breath. And for the last two years, they’ve completely given up trying to hide it.

Obama told them to ‘get in their faces’, and they did. And now, John Boehner will be the new speaker of the house, presiding over a 239-seat (not counting the races not yet decided) Republican majority. We have 10 new Republican governorships, we’ve picked up approximately 680 state legislature seats, flipping somewhere in the neighborhood of nineteen chambers in the process. My state, North Carolina, has its first Republican legislature in 130 years.

The liberal left is going ballistic. Ballistic. The whining and lashing out among the rank-and-file is pathetic, but not at all unexpected. It just makes me chuckle.

So, to my liberal friends I say this: You’ve had your shot, you’ve shown us all who you really are in no uncertain terms, and now you’re done. MY America will never, ever put your kind back in power again, and you have no one to blame but yourselves, your man-child president, and your blind ideology..

And – bestowing upon you the same level of courtesy and respect you’ve shown us these past couple of years -  I hope you fucking choke on it.



Once Again, The Liberal Left Are The Smartest People In The Room

Sarah Palin at a Tea Party event in Reno, Nevada yesterday (10/18/2010), tells the crowd not to “party like it’s 1773″ just yet regarding the anticipated republican gains in the upcoming mid-term elections.

What happens next is almost too predictable.

The left, displaying for one and all its collective grasp of American history and the founding years, has a friggin’ orgasm over this percieved ‘gaffe’.

There are quite a few more, but these two go straight to the top of the list by virtue of who they are and the supposed ‘enlightened’ populus and political/social ideologies they claim to represent.

But here’s the best part : The more these people talk, the more snide, uninformed comments, mischaracterizations and flat-out lies they throw out against people such as Sarah Palin who are clearly their intellectual and moral superiors – not to mention just plain right – the more thoroughly repellent they and their positions become to this great nation’s formerly apolitical population.

They can’t hide it anymore.

So please, Gwen and Markos, keep on talking and being who you are, because you’re swelling our ranks by the day.



The Aftermath of Today’s “Million Loser March”

The aftermath of today’s “give-me-more-free-shit-that-I-neither-earned-nor-deserve”  rally looks pretty much as you’d expect considering the animals who typically turn out for these leftist gimme-fests:



It’s Time To Start Dropping These Scumbags Where They Stand

Obama and the Holder justice department have given the clear signal to the left that violence against conservatives by this administration’s core constituencies will be neither investigated nor prosecuted.

The left is getting bolder with each passing day. How about instead of standing there and saying ‘please don’t hit me‘, we start offering the kind of response they’ll understand.

Am I advocating violence?

I am advocating self defense. If that means the use of force to stop these animals from attacking us, then so be it.



Why this woman is still allowed to hold her job, let alone be anywhere near teenage girls, is anybody’s guess:

From Fox: School Official in Basketball Flap Is No Stranger to Controversy

The school official who nixed a girls’ high school basketball team’s planned trip to Arizona once supported a controversial program that required ninth-graders to attend a “freshman advisory” class at which gay upperclassmen shared stories of their high school experiences.

Parents who were unhappy with the class were even more outraged to learn that students who attended were asked to sign a statement promising not to tell others — including their parents — about what was said in class.

Suzan Hebson, assistant superintendent of Highland Park, Ill., School District 113, killed the hoop dreams of the Highland Park High School girls’ basketball team this week when she canceled their plans to participate in a tournament in Arizona in December. The decision has some parents and residents of the district crying foul over what they say was a politically motivated protest over the Grand Canyon State’s recently passed immigration law.

But Hebson is no stranger to controversy. She’s been criticized for making decisions based on politics numerous times in the past.

In 2007, when she was assistant superintendent for human resources in the district, Hebson made national news for supporting an initiative at Deerfield High School that required freshman students to participate in orientation panel discussions, one of which was led by members of the school’s Straight and Gay Alliance Network. During the seminars, upperclassmen spoke to the ninth graders about a variety of topics affecting homosexual teens, including their own personal experiences — and all students were required to sign confidentiality agreements swearing never to disclose what they heard.

Read the whole thing here.



The Party of Tolerance Shows Its True Colors. Again.

Some tolerant lefties leave voice mail messages for Freedomworks regarding the Geico firing.

Warning: Disturbingly strong/foul language.

So where’s the media on this? Out inventing new stories of non-existent tea Party violence, no doubt.

These people are beyond disgusting.



Just where is this despicable, petty little man going to hit us next?

Oh, of course…….the water:

From ESPN:

As ESPN previously reported, WWF, Greenpeace, Defenders of Wildlife, Pew Environment Group and others produced a document entitled “Transition Green” shortly after Obama was elected in 2008. What has happened since suggests that the task force has been in lockstep with that position paper.

Then in late summer, just after he created the task force, these groups produced “Recommendations for the Adoption and Implementation of an Oceans, Coasts, and Great Lakes National Policy.” This document makes repeated references to “overfishing,” but doesn’t once reference recreational angling, its importance, and its benefits, both to participants and the resource.

Additionally, some of these same organizations have revealed their anti-fishing bias by playing fast and loose with “facts,” in attempts to ban tackle containing lead in the United States and Canada.

That same tunnel vision, in which recreational angling and commercial fishing are indiscriminately lumped together as harmful to the resource, has persisted with the task force, despite protests by the angling industry.

As more evidence of collusion, the green groups began clamoring for an Executive Order to implement the task force’s recommendations even before the public comment period ended in February. Fishing advocates had no idea that this was coming.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, the New York Times reported on Feb. 12 that “President Obama and his team are preparing an array of actions using his executive power to advance energy, environmental, fiscal and other domestic policy priorities.”

Read the whole thing here

How far off course have we gotten when environmental extremists can exert this much influence over a sitting president?



Leftist Protesters Arrested At Joseph Lieberman’s Office

Jeez, you mean it wasn’t those crazed, fringe right-wingers?


From the Hartford Courant:

UConn student among those arrested at protest at Lieberman’s DC office

Nine health-care reform proponents were arrested this morning when they refused to leave Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s Washington office.

Among the arrestees was Brittany Florio, a student at the University of Connecticut. UConn grad John Mohrbacher was also charged.

The protesters are part of a group called Mobilization for Healthcare for All, which has organized civil disobedience actions in cities across the nation.

The group targeted Lieberman’s office because he indicated he would filibuster any healthcare bill that contains a public health insurance option.

“We’re focusing on him because he has said he would block the bill,” said Jason Ortiz, a UConn student from Norwich who is acting as the group’s spokesman.

The protesters entered Lieberman’s office at 9:45 this morning. They asked to speak with the senator, but were told he was not available.

Ortiz said the protestors came to Lieberman’s office to demand the senator return all the campaign contributions he received from Aetna through the years.

They were asked to leave and when they refused, Lieberman’s staff contacted police, Ortiz said. The protesters were still being processed early this afternoon. Ortiz said he did not know what the exact charge was, but said he believes it was criminal trespass.

What a bunch of pathetic, ignorant losers.

Interestingly enough, upwards of 10,000 conservative protesters show up and not a single incident. How ’bout that?